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As a personal sponsor campaign for the MIND Foundation, Phil Bream had the goal of running the almost 500km of the Pieterpad, from Pieterburen in North Groningen to the Sint Pietersberg in Maastricht, in 11 days: So every day just a little more than a marathon.

On December 15, 2020, Phil was a guest in our B&B as a stopover for his sponsor run. Phil arrived at our B&B (after more than 200 km) with severe ankle pain and unfortunately had to stop running in the next stage to Holten, but he was able to continue the tour by cycling. Phil has raised more than € 8,000 with his campaign. We congratulate him on this great result and look forward to seeing him again.

Phil wrote:
inspired by an idea that I had two years ago and never had implemented, I do a crazy long multi-day run along the 500 km of the Pieterpad from the north of Groningen to Maastricht to raise money for WijZijnMind.

There remains a taboo on naming and discussing psychological complaints. An awful lot of people are confronted with it every day. And just now, under the current circumstances, with the Coronavirus pandemic, people are at home much longer and more often alone. It may be clear that this leads to more people with more psychological complaints. I have been fighting depression myself for years and still find it difficult to tell people about it (there will probably be acquaintances who did not know this yet). That must change! Because being open and talking helps! Hence this action to support MIND. MIND is committed to discussing psychological complaints and to help people who already suffer from them. I consciously do this in the winter ... the cold dark days where many people have an even harder time.

Phil Bream

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